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February 17, 2020, 2:38 PM

Questions - Where Is Your Citizenship?

These questions relate to the sermon on 16 February, Where Is Your Citizenship?  The primary scripture is Philippians 3:15-21, and there were several references to other scripture in regard to Jesus' post-resurrection body:  John 20, 21; Luke 24; Mathew 28:18-20; Acts 1.  These are not exhaustive.

1.  How many options are there for national citizenship in the world today? (How many nations?) 

2.  How many options do we have for eternal citizenship?

3.  In verses 18-19, Paul mentioned enemies of the cross of Christ?  List his descriptive phrases of those enemies in order to compare to citizens of heaven.

4.  What gives us evidence and confidence that Jesus will return from heaven for his church?

5.  What kind of power did Paul attribute to Jesus in verse 21?  Why does it matter to those of us who are alive now?

6.  What will Jesus do with that power upon his return?

7.  What are the qualities of a post-resurrection body?

8.  If this is true, how does it affect the way we live now?

9.  What happens to Christians who die before Christ returns?

10. Do you really believe this stuff?


February 9, 2020, 11:00 AM

Questions - Trading Religious Rules For Faith

These questions relate to the sermon on February 9, 2020, Trading Religious Rules For Faith.  The primary scripture is Philippians 3:7-17.

1.  What is the craziest trade or purchase you ever made, and how did it work out?

2.  In the first part of chapter 3, Paul warned his readers about people teaching that circumcision and following all Jewish law was required for disciples of Jesus.  Paul, of course, opposed such teaching.  What, if anything, can we glean from his warning that applies to us today?

3.  Pick out the seven reasons Paul gave for being more qualified with legalistic righteousness than the "mutilators of the flesh." (verses 4-6)

4.  While we may not have the same resume` as Paul, what do we need to leave behind as we pursue Christ?

5.  Is there anything you are having trouble letting go?

6.  Paul was truly single-minded, but we know of no family obligations or ongoing jobs.  How can a person leave the world behind for Christ but still be a good parent, mate, friend, employee, and student?

7.  Try this:  make a religious resume'; such as how long and how often you attend church, activities, commitments, all the things that would impress another church goer...

8.  Now wad up the resume', throw it in the rubbish bin, and replace it with one that simply says: JESUS CHRIST.

9.  From where does our righteousness come?


February 3, 2020, 11:59 AM

Questions - Spiritual Fitness

The following questions relate to Philippians 2:12-18 and the sermon on 2 February 2020, Spiritual Fitness.  " out your salvation..."

1.  What is your favorite spiritual exercise; a.k.a., spiritual discipline or practice?  How does is help grow your faith?

2.  How can spiritual exercise be combined with physical exercise for wholistic fitness?

3.  Paul's statement to continue to work out your salvation comes after his wonderful statements on the deity and humility of Christ.  Then in verse 14 he instructed the reader to do so without grumbling or arguing.  How do humility and resisting the urge to complain relate to each other?

4.  The sermon lacked practical "how to" work out your salvation.  The seven spiritual disciplines of our Philosopy of Ministry might be helpful.  Consider and discuss each element as exercises to build spiritual fitness.

  • Prayer
  • Learning Scripture
  • Hearing the Holy Spirit
  • Worship
  • Fellowship
  • Serving
  • Multiplying

5.  Since we are mentioning the Philosophy of Ministry, please review the four characteristics of disciples:

  • Walk in Faith; Luke 14:25-33
  • Abide in Christ; John 8:31-32
  • Love One Another; John 13:34-35
  • Bear Much Fruit; John 15:5-8

6.  What other scriptures come to your mind from this discussion?


January 26, 2020, 3:52 PM

Questions - Christian Community

These questions relate to the sermon on 26 January 2020, Christian Community.  The primary scripture is Philippians 1:27 - 2:11.

1.  What are the biggest threats to unity among Christians?

2.  According to the scripture for this lesson, what does it look like to live "in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ?"

3.  What does community have to do with being a disciple of Jesus?

4.  What is the cost of discord in the church?

5.  How can people have diverse backgrounds and teaching but still be unified?

6.  What kind of behaviors promote unity?

7.  What is the difference between low esteem and humility?

8.  Read Colosians 3:12-17.  Compare and contrast with the Philippians passage.


January 19, 2020, 3:00 PM

Questions - Paul's Attitude

These questions relate to the sermon 19 January 2019, Paul's Attitude.  The primary scripture is Philippians 1:12-26.

1.  Have you experienced a serious life situation that caused you to want to give up?  Would you be willing to discuss it with the group?

2.  How have you been inspired to persevere by another person's example or a biblical story?

3.  What was Paul's circumstance when he wrote the Philippians letter?

4.  How did he describe the result of his situation? 

5.  What did Paul think of the people who were teaching about Jesus just to make his situation worse?

6.  How can Paul's choice inform our attitude about people who seem to be against us?

7.  Paul's life was full of hardship, but he was full of joy.  How was that possible?

8.  Can you imagine feeling that joyful?  If you do not feel that kind of joy, what do you think is keeping you from being joyful?

9.  How would your friends finish this sentence about you?  For (you) to live is ________________.

10. Do you need to make changes to find real joy?  How will you do it?


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