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January 19, 2020, 3:00 PM

Questions - Paul's Attitude

These questions relate to the sermon 19 January 2019, Paul's Attitude.  The primary scripture is Philippians 1:12-26.

1.  Have you experienced a serious life situation that caused you to want to give up?  Would you be willing to discuss it with the group?

2.  How have you been inspired to persevere by another person's example or a biblical story?

3.  What was Paul's circumstance when he wrote the Philippians letter?

4.  How did he describe the result of his situation? 

5.  What did Paul think of the people who were teaching about Jesus just to make his situation worse?

6.  How can Paul's choice inform our attitude about people who seem to be against us?

7.  Paul's life was full of hardship, but he was full of joy.  How was that possible?

8.  Can you imagine feeling that joyful?  If you do not feel that kind of joy, what do you think is keeping you from being joyful?

9.  How would your friends finish this sentence about you?  For (you) to live is ________________.

10. Do you need to make changes to find real joy?  How will you do it?


January 13, 2020, 11:02 AM

Questions - God Finishes What He Starts

These questions are meant to encourage study and discussion of the scripture in the Letter to the Philippians, New Testament.  They are based on the message from 12 January 2020, God Finishes What He Starts.  The primary passage is Philippians 1:6-11.

1.  Why was Paul confident that God was working within the believers at Philippi and would continue to work in them? (remember Acts 16)

2.  Is the growth of a person or a church the responsibility of believers or the responsibility of God? (Phil 2:12-13)

3.  Re-read verses 9-11, Paul's prayer for his friends.  What goals do you find that may help us become more mature followers of Jesus?

4.  How might we move in the direction of those goals?

5.  Are there any resources you need?

6.  Attenders during this sermon were encouraged to draw a picture or use words to develop their own model of a vessel to receive and carry God's grace.  If you did so, would you show your product to the group and discuss it?

7.  Be confident of this:  God finishes what he starts.  Partner with him and each other in the process.


January 5, 2020, 3:27 PM

Questions - Intro to Philippians

These questions relate to the sermon on 5 January 2020, Intro To Philippians.  This is the beginning of a series in Philippians and the primary purpose is to set up and introduce the series.  If you have not heard the sermon and do not want to listen on this website, you might find helpful information in the the introductory section to Philippians in a study bible or commentary.

1.  Notice in Philippians 1:1 who wrote the letter and to whom it is written.  It was likely written in 61 A.D. or about then.  From where was it written?

2.  Paul had first visited Philippi ten or more years prior to writing this letter.  Where in the Bible can you find information about that visit?

3.  Who was the first recorded believer in Philippi, and how did that person respond to the message?

4.  What significant event happened to Paul and Silas in Philippi?  (If you haven't found it yet, look at Acts 16.)

5.  What was the primary culture of Philippi, and what impact did that have on Christians?

6.  Why was Paul so endeared to the Philippians?

7.  What was the basis for his friendship and partnership with the Philippian believers?

8.  Why did Paul say, "...from the first day until now?" (v. 5)

9.  If you are discussing this topic with others, also share any other background knowledge you have about the Philippian letter.

10.  Pray that people respond to the gospel message here and to the ends of the earth.

December 22, 2019, 11:00 AM

What Child Is This?

These questions relate to the sermon on 22 December 2019, What Child Is This?  The primary scripture is Isaiah 9:2-7.

1.  What is the famous tune to which this hymn is set?  Do you know any other hymns set to secular tunes?

2.  Isaiah was speaking/writing to the northern kingdom of Israel as they were facing God's judgment in the form of Assyrian domination.  How does the prediction of a baby's birth relate to their situation?

3.  The sermon addressed a non-official verb tense, prophetic perfect.  Do you remember what it means? 

4.  In verses 3-5, examine the links and progression of repentance, freedom from oppression, and peacetime.

5.  What event will cause this chain of other events?

6.  Slowly read and meditate on the titles for the child.

7.  How long will the child's kingdom last?

8.  What will accomplish all this? (verse 7)  

9.  Is God real?

10.  Does he love you?

December 15, 2019, 4:35 PM

O Holy Night

These questions relate to the sermon on 15 December 2019, O Holy Night.  This is one of a series of three messages inspired by Christmas hymns.  The primary scripture for sermon is John 1:1-18.

1.  From the message, do you remember anything about the origin of the song?

2.  How does John's gospel differ from Luke and Matthew in explaining Jesus coming as a person?

3.  Were the people of Israel looking for a baby in Bethlehem to be their Messiah?

4.  Why do people today not recognize Jesus as Lord and Savior?

5.  What does the line of the song, "till the soul felt its worth" mean?

6.  What happens when a person's soul really knows the worth of who Jesus is and what he has done for us?

7.  Have you experienced the joy of salvation?  Has that joy waned?

8.  How can we recover the joy of salvation Christ?


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