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Who Is On The Throne?
September 6, 2020, 10:00 AM

These questions and comments relate to the sermon on 6 September 2020, Who Is On The Throne?  The primary scripture is Acts 12:19-24.

1.  The author of Acts, Luke, departs from his tales of disciples to tell us the fate of Herod Agrippa I who is the Herod who had James killed and Peter imprisoned pending death. 

2.  Do you remember how Peter got out of prison?  Whose side was Peter on?

3.  If you have not read the central scripture, please do so.  To whom does Luke attribute Herod's death?  Whose side was Herod on?

4.  The ancient Jewish historian, Josephus, gave us details about Herod Agrippa which support Lukes report.  In Josephus' telling there was an appearance of an owl which Herod interpretted as a bad omen.  The story goes that earlier in Herod's life he was imprisoned because of some of his corrupt political manuevering.  While in prison an owl lit nearby, and an older prisoner told Herod it was an omen that Herod would soon be released and promoted, but that if he ever saw the owl again he would die within 5 days.  Josephus tells us that he died 5 days after taking stage with the shimmering silver robe and being declared a god.  Herod had killed and imprisoned God's servants.  He pretended to be a god so that he might be worshiped.

5.  You probably do not pretend to be a god to other people; however, if you do not submit to the sovereignty of God, you keep the throne of control and power for yourself.  

6.  Please read the Bible verses listed below.  If you are already a believer, celebrate the good news and worship the Lord.  If you are not a believer, ask the Lord to reveal himself to you in his word?  

     Romans 3:23

     Romans 6:23

     Romans 5:8

     Romans 10:9-13

     John 3:16

7.  Who is on your throne?