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What Child Is This?
December 22, 2019, 11:00 AM

These questions relate to the sermon on 22 December 2019, What Child Is This?  The primary scripture is Isaiah 9:2-7.

1.  What is the famous tune to which this hymn is set?  Do you know any other hymns set to secular tunes?

2.  Isaiah was speaking/writing to the northern kingdom of Israel as they were facing God's judgment in the form of Assyrian domination.  How does the prediction of a baby's birth relate to their situation?

3.  The sermon addressed a non-official verb tense, prophetic perfect.  Do you remember what it means? 

4.  In verses 3-5, examine the links and progression of repentance, freedom from oppression, and peacetime.

5.  What event will cause this chain of other events?

6.  Slowly read and meditate on the titles for the child.

7.  How long will the child's kingdom last?

8.  What will accomplish all this? (verse 7)  

9.  Is God real?

10.  Does he love you?