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February 25, 2018, 3:13 PM

Walking In Faith, part 2 - questions

The following questions relate to the message from Sunday, 25 February 2018, "Walking In Faith, part 2."  The primary scripture is Luke 14:25-35.  The questions are designed for group discussion, but they may be helpful for personal reflection as well.

1.  For a group ice-breaker if desired - what is the most dramatic step of faith you have witnessed among people you know?  How did it affect other people?

2.  This sermon finishes the Luke 14:25-35 passage.  Compare the two small parables Jesus used.  What are the differences?  Please notice the three "my disciple" statements.

3.  Read Mark 8:34-38, a prallel to today's passage.  How does this help to understand the parable about the king having to make a choice?  What might verse 38 mean that Jesus would be ashamed of a person in the Father's glory?

4.  Define "walking in faith."  How doe we get from "cannot be my disciple" to a principle of walking in faith?

5.  How does the salt metaphor in verses 34-35 apply to contemporary life?

6.  Consider the baptisms on Sunday, 25 February.  How might this even literally be a step in faith for those being baptized?  How can the church support their faith beginnings?  Who would like to be a mentor to one of these?

7.  Please take time to pray for the new believers, for the Dominican team and trip, and for connections with new people.

8.  Spiritual revival is always preceded by repentance, purity, and prayer.  Ask the Lord to reveal in us what must change in order for him to move mightily.  Do you want him to move, even if it makes us uncomfortable?

Disciples walk in faith.  Disciples abide in Christ.  Disciple love one another.  Disciples bear much fruit.

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