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Thessalonica Excursus, part 1
November 8, 2020, 10:00 AM

These questions relate to the sermon on 8 November, Thessalonica Excursus, part 1.  The primary text is 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8.

1.  How does the first letter to the Thessalonians relate to the second mission journey of Paul?

2.  Who was with Paul when the letter was written and also identified as authors of the letter?

3.  What was the situation of the believers in Thessalonica at the time of the letter, c. 51 A.D?  (listen to the sermon on this website or see an introduction to the letter)

4.  What is the main theme of the letter?

5.  This lesson relates to chapter 4.  What is the main point of the first part of chapter 4?

6.  The first sub-point after the main point is to avoid sexual immorality.  What does this term include as used in the New Testament?

7.  How is the instruction to the original audience applicable today in America?

8.  How does the instruction relate to marriage?

9.  Why is being holy or sanctified important to the church today?

10.  What should we do if we realize we are in a pattern of sin such as described? 

11.  How should we respond to other believers caught up in this kind of sin?