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The Storm
November 29, 2020, 3:27 PM

These questions/comments relate to the sermon on 29 November, The Storm, which is the story of Paul's journey to Rome from Acts 27-28.  This message skips from chapter 17 to the end of Acts and concludes the series on Acts for now.  The theme for the sermon is that God is faithful.  Trust him.

1.  Review the progression of Acts through the mission journeys of Paul and friends.  

2.  What happened to Paul in Jerusalem at the end of the third journey? (Acts 26)

3.  Why was Paul's custody transferred to Caesarea?

4.  To whom did Paul speak while waiting two years in Caesarea?

5.  Who was in charge of security for the transport to Rome, and what was his attitude toward Paul?

6.  At what point in the journey was it noted that the winds were against them?

7.  What happened after the soldiers and prisoners transferred to an Alexandrian grain ship?

8.  From the Cretian port of Fair Haven, what happened?

9.  How long did the storm last, and how did the voyage end?

10.  What happened on the island of Malta?

11.  Did Paul ever arrive at Rome?

12.  Why did the storms and other crises happen?

13.  What is a better response than asking "why" in the storm?

14.  How should we respond to God's faithfulness?