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Stephen's Example
July 26, 2020, 3:52 PM

These questions relate to the sermon on 26 July 2020, Stephen's Example.  The theme of the message is that we need to learn holy suffering or redemptive suffering.  Peter did not choose to suffer, but he did it well and he served God's Kingdom through suffering.  

1.  The primary passage is Acts 6:8 - 8:1.  We did not read much of chapter 7 during the message.  It is a lenghty record of Stephen's sermon to the Sahedrin.  The fact that Luke gave it so much print indicates the importance, so I suggest you read the whole passage.

2.  From a literary standpoint, Stephen's story is a hingepoint in the book of Acts.  What is the development in regard to the gospel?

3.  From whom did the opposition and accusation of Stephen come?

4.  Which of the ten commands did his accusers violate?

5.  Stephen was accused of not respecting Moses and the law of Moses as well as denegrating the temple.  How does Stephen's speech to the Sanhedrin address those allegations?

6.  Stephen was strong enough to suffer redemptively because he was wise, he was filled with love, and he was able to forgive.  Can you find evidence for those elements in the scripture?  

7.  How can we develop wisdom?

8.  How can we love someone who is trying to harm us?

9.  How does forgiveness save us from hatred?  What does hatred do to us?

10.  When the time comes for you to suffer for the sake of Jesus Christ, will you be prepared?