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Spirit Led Mission
September 13, 2020, 9:00 AM

These questions and comments relate to the sermon on September 13, 2020, Spirit Led Mission.  Diverse people who come together in one Spirit can change the world.  The primary scripture is Acts 13:1-3.  

1.  Have you been part of a powerful work that you know without a doubt was designed and led by the Holy Spirit?  Maybe you would like to briefly tell about it.

2.  Read Acts 11:27-30, then 12:25.  Chapter 12 inserts the killing of James, the imprisonment of Peter, and the death of Herod, then Luke moved back to Barnabas and Saul.  All of these events were directed by the Holy Spirit.

3.  Who is John, also called Mark?  Where was his mother's house?

4.  Where were the followers of Jesus first called Christians?  How did a church begin there?

5.  How many different ethnicities and hometowns are represented in the group of men listed in Acts 13:1?

6.  What brought these men together?

7.  What was the result?

8.  What disciplines or activities of these men can we practice?

9.  Are you hungry enough to fast?

10.  Make a plan to come together for worship, prayer, and fasting or whatever is necessary to hear from the Lord.

11.  Execute the plan.