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Sermon Script - The King Is Coming
April 3, 2020, 5:07 PM

The King Is Coming

Matthew 21:1-17; 2 Peter

Theme: Jesus, the King, is coming just as surely as he rode into Jerusalem the Sunday before his crucifixion.

The King is coming! The word spread rampantly that Sunday as Jesus rode from Bethpage toward Jerusalem. The fervor of excitement motivated people to run out to meet him. The group who had witnessed the resurrection of Lazarus kept spreading the word. The King is coming!

Jesus borrowed the foal of a donkey to ride, which fulfilled the prophecy of Zechariah. A very large crowd gathered to welcome the King. Some spread their cloaks on the road. Some waved palm branches and laid them on the road. People started shouting scripture, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” Save us, Son of David. The Jewish people knew from scripture that the Messiah would be from David’s lineage. Here in their very presence scripture was coming true. The King is coming!


The crowds thought that Jesus had come to rule Israel. Jesus knew he was riding toward crucifixion. He also knew he was the Messiah and King, just not the way the crowds expected. He did establish authority. He cleared the temple of profiteers. He claimed possession of the temple in the name of his Father. The King was in the house, his house.

What a day. Blind and lame crowded in and Jesus healed them. Children shouted and sang. I wonder what it was like to see a whole city turning out to praise the King. Imagine the joy, the hope they must have been feeling. We have a short report in each of the Gospels, but there must have been hours of activity that day, Palm Sunday.

I do not know how long it took to ride a young donkey from Bethpage into Jerusalem. I’m not sure how long Jesus was at the temple that day, but I suspect we have only summary reports in the New Testament. Wouldn’t you like to hear what was being said about Jesus that day? He is the one who brought Lazarus back to life after he had been in the tomb several days! Jesus of Nazareth gave me my sight back! I was a leper before Jesus healed me! Jesus stopped the funeral and brought my son back to life! Did you hear that he even commands the wind? I heard that demons flee from him! Our homeland is about to change! Finally, we have a real king to save us!

Meanwhile, chief priests and teachers of the law were indignant. (Matt 21:14-15) They were furious. They had worked hard to keep an even arrangement with the Roman government, and they did not want some zealot causing problems. They had temple worship under control. Who was this trouble maker to come in and claim ownership? Blasphemy! Claiming to be God is blasphemy! Kill him! The religious leaders were conspiring against the Lord.


The King is coming! He is coming again. Do you feel like the world is out of control? I think it is. Is the Coronavirus a plague? Well, yes of some sort. All illness and disaster are somehow connected to sin. Is it a direct result of contemporary sin? That is hard to say. Which sin and which people would you choose, except to say that we are all sinners and the wages of sin is death?

I’m not sure what or when the end will be, but I do not believe this virus is the end of the world. On the other hand, we are moving closer to the return of Jesus. He will come back for his church. The earth will be restored. The circumstances on earth will get much worse until then, but the King is coming! Are you ready?

Will this pandemic be a time of spiritual awakening? Why not? Do not let your face turn down. Lift your face to heaven. “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, and look full on his wonderful face.” People, we are keepers of the good news. We must be purveyors of the good news. The King is coming! Salvation is in him and him alone. Let the little children come to him. Let us all lay our garments down or wave palm branches as we kneel before the Lord. Accept him now.


Read Matthew 21:1-17


On that Sunday long ago in Israel, one week before the resurrection, Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem as a reigning king. This is fact. It is historically supported and reported in all four of the New Testament Gospels. It is a verifiable event.

Instead of riding a war stallion, Jesus rode a young donkey, the beast of burden, a humble animal typical of a servant. The King is coming…as a servant. He came to give his life only five days later. He laid claim to the temple, the house of his father, so that it would be transformed. Access to the father was about to change. Jesus became the only mediator, the once-forever sacrifice.

We do well to remember that Sunday. Even if we cannot replicate the excitement, we can understand the events. Prophecy was fulfilled. Notice was given. Sides were chosen. Tension was in the air. All of the healings and teaching of the day were only a foretaste of what was and is to come. The King is coming!


He is coming again. Jesus will return for his church. The same Bible that reports the events of Palm Sunday, promises that Jesus will return for his bride, the church. Are you ready? Hear the words of Peter, the one who was with Jesus, in his own letter at the end of his life.


Read 2 Peter 1:12-21; 3:1-18 I recommend you read the whole letter today.


Peter witnessed the events of the New Testament. He carried on the teaching of Jesus for the rest of his life, at least 30 more years. He remained loyal to path of Jesus and likely died as a martyr for the faith. He never changed his mind about the truth.

The King is coming. In the last chapter of the last book of the Bible, Jesus is quoted as saying, “Look (behold), I am coming soon! The Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. The Root and Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.

Just as surely as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, He is coming again. Do you remember the song by Bill and Gloria Gaither?


The Market place is empty

No more traffic in the streets

All the builders' tools are silent

No more time to harvest wheat

Busy housewives cease their labors

In the courtroom no debate

Work on earth has been suspended

As the King comes through the gate



The King is coming, the King is coming

I just heard the trumpet sounding

And now his face I see

The King is coming, the King is coming

Praise God, He's coming for me


Happy faces line the hallways

Those whose lives have been redeemed

Broken homes that He has mended

Those from prison He's set free

Little children and the aged

Hand in hand, stand all aglow

Those who were crippled, broken, ruined

Clad in garments white as snow


I can hear the chariots rumble

I can see the marching throng

And the flurry of God's trumpets

Spell the end of sin and wrong

Regal robes are now unfolding

Heaven's grandstands all in place

Heaven's choir is now assembled

Start to sing Amazing Grace


The King is coming, the King is coming

I just heard the trumpet sounding

And now his face I see

The King is coming, the King is coming

Praise God, He's coming for me


Bill & Gloria Gaither