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Roman Believers
August 16, 2020, 2:51 PM

These questions relate to the sermon on 16 August 2020, Roman Believers, from Acts 10.  It is the story of Cornelius and Peter.

1.  Is there a person or a group of people you have been avoiding because you really do not like them?  Why?

2.  In regard to Acts, chapter 10, please notice how lengthy is the description.  How many times is Cornelius' experience with the angel repeated?  What does that tell us?

3. Previous to his conversation with Peter, what knowledge was Cornelius lacking to complete his salvation?

4. Why would it have been so appaulling to a Jewish person to be in the home of Gentiles?

5.  If Peter associated with Roman Gentiles or ate with them, was he violating God's law?

6.  Are we violating God's law by eating "unclean" food or visiting "unclean" people?

7.  Has God ever moved you to violate social norms in order to minister to someone?  How did it go?

8.  In this chapter, how many people was God working through to bring the good news to those he had prepared to hear it?  His efforts to bring us to himself are elaborate.

9.  Is God preparing you to go a someone with the gospel?  What will you do?

10.  If you would like to compare Acts 10 to an Old Testament story, read the short book of Jonah.