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September 4, 2018, 3:07 PM

Questions - What Is Worship?

These questions relate to the sermon on 2 September 2018, What Is Worship?  

1.  How would you explain Christian worship?

2.  What is the created purpose of every person?  

3.  The following definition of worship was provided: "Worship is to feel in the heart and express in some appropriate manner a humbling but delightful sense of admiring awe."  (A. W. Tozer, The Purpose of Man, p. 108)  How does this compare to your own definition or another you have used?

4.  In the story of Jesus and the Samaritan women at Jacob's well from John 4, what did Jesus intend by offering "living water?"  How did the woman's expectations differ?

5.  Some time later Jesus used similar terminology when speaking to people in Jersusalem.  Read John 7:37-39.  How does this help you understand and apply what Jesus said to the Samaritan woman?

6.  What is the connection between the Holy Spirit and worship?

7.  What did Jesus mean that worship should be in spirit and truth?  Do you know any other scripture that helps?

8.  How do we know from the story in John 4 that God desires for people to engage in worship?

9.  What can we learn from the story about the proper location of worship?

10.  How did the Samaritan woman express her joy?

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