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Questions - Walking In Faith, part 1
February 18, 2018, 4:50 PM

The following questions are designed to help facilitate group discussion, but they may also be useful for personal reflection.  If used in a group setting, the facilitator may pick and choose which are best for the group time.  These questions are meant to relate to the sermon on February 18, 2018, "Walking In Faith, part 1."  The primary scripture is Luke 14:25-30.  The sermon can be heard on this website under the "sermons" tab.

1.  Have a look back to the Philosophy of Ministry document in order to see this lesson in the context of a larger plan.

2. Why are we teaching about the development of disciple character?

3.  Ask the group to tell stories about faith experience in their own life or what you have witnessed.  Consider your own growth and the growth of other people as a result.

4.  What other Bible stories or scripture come to your mind in relation to Luke 14:25-30?

5. Compare Matthew 10:37-39 to the Luke 14 verses and to Luke 9:23-26.  Matthew presented the teaching in the context of Jesus preparing the twelve to be sent out for some on-the-job training.

6.  What did it mean in the first century A.D. to "take up your cross?"  How should we apply the command now?

7.  How should we communicate what seems to be morbid and radical language to people outside the church?  How would you work theses truths into a conversation?

8.  Meditate on the parable in verses 28-30.  Any new insights?

9.  Are you being nudged by the Holy Spirit to do something, say something, start something or quit something?  How can the group help?

10.  If you would like to hear other teaching on a similar passage, I recommend Andy Stanley's message at,