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Questions - Repent and Be Baptized
August 19, 2018, 4:05 PM

These questions relate to the sermon on 19 August 2018, Repent And Be Baptized.   You can hear the sermon on this website, under the sermon tab.  The primary passages are Acts 2:22-24; 36-39.

1.  How does the Holy Spirit relate to non-believers?

2.  Read Acts 2 and summarize Peter's argument for believing that Jesus is Messiah.

3.  How should we communicate this message today in a non-Jewish culture?

4.  How do we know that Joel 2:28-32 was fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost?   Does Joel's writing continue to apply to the church age?

5.  How is Psalm 16:8-11 fulfilled by the resurrection of Christ?  (These are good examples of the New Testament commenting on the Old Testament.)

6.  Can you explain how Peter concluded that King David must have been prophesying about someone other than himself?

7.  Read Acts 2:42-47.  From this passage, what should church people be doing?

8.  When and where were the 3,000 baptized?  (v. 41)