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Questions - Peter Restored
May 9, 2020, 12:00 AM

If you are reading this on or about 10 May, Happy Mother's Day!  The following questions are meant to go with the message, Peter Restored, from John 21:15-19.  Check under the sermons tab of this website for the video.  There is much more that can be explored from the passage than mentioned in the short message, so use these questions at your discretion and explore God's word for yourself.  And if you are so inclined, go enjoy some fishing therapy.

1.  In relation to the life of Jesus, when did this event happen?

2.  If you are not familiar with Peter's denial of Jesus on the night of Jesus' arrest, please review John 18.  What are some possible reason's for Peter's refusal to be identified with Jesus?

3.  Peter had been very vocal among his peers about defending Jesus and following him all the way.  What might have occured in regard to Peter's confidence after Jesus was killed?

4.  Are you still carrying guilt or a sense of failure from something in the past?  If so, how will you deal with it?

5.  When Jesus asked Peter the first time, "Do you love me more than these?", who or what are "these?"  What did the question mean?

6.  Why did Jesus as Pekter the same question three times?

7.  How do you interpret the three commands Jesus gave Peter upon his replies?

8.  The big question is, what can we learn from this story to help us be better disciples of Jesus?

9.  As a matter of interest, tradition tells us that when Peter was old, he was crucified because of his commitment to Jesus.  He chose to be crucified upside-down because he felt unworthy to die upright like Jesus.  At least, that is the tradition.  If the Apostle John was the writer of chapter 21, and I think he was, did he write this after Peter died?  Read the remainder of the chapter.

10.  What was Jesus' overall purpose for meeting with the disciples that morning?