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Questions - God Finishes What He Starts
January 13, 2020, 11:02 AM

These questions are meant to encourage study and discussion of the scripture in the Letter to the Philippians, New Testament.  They are based on the message from 12 January 2020, God Finishes What He Starts.  The primary passage is Philippians 1:6-11.

1.  Why was Paul confident that God was working within the believers at Philippi and would continue to work in them? (remember Acts 16)

2.  Is the growth of a person or a church the responsibility of believers or the responsibility of God? (Phil 2:12-13)

3.  Re-read verses 9-11, Paul's prayer for his friends.  What goals do you find that may help us become more mature followers of Jesus?

4.  How might we move in the direction of those goals?

5.  Are there any resources you need?

6.  Attenders during this sermon were encouraged to draw a picture or use words to develop their own model of a vessel to receive and carry God's grace.  If you did so, would you show your product to the group and discuss it?

7.  Be confident of this:  God finishes what he starts.  Partner with him and each other in the process.