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Questions - First Church Fellowship
October 14, 2018, 4:10 PM

These questions relate to the sermon on 14 October 2018, First Church Fellowship.  The primary passage is Acts 2:42-47, but sections of Acts 4 are also noted.  From the beginning of the Christian church as recorded in Acts, fellowship has been fundamental.  

1.  Read Acts 2 if you are not familiar.

2.  From 2:42 and following, to what were the new believers devoted?  Identify four foundamental components of discipleship.

3.  In verse 42 to what does fellowship refer?  You might want to look at various English translations and notice punctuation.

4. Have you ever lived in community other than immediate family?  Discuss the dynamics involved.

5.  Considering the last part of Acts 2 as well as chapters 3 and 4, what were some of the results of this new community?  Another way to ask the question is, how was God working in the new church?

6.  What were the results of persecuting the apostles?

7.  For how long was the community in Jerusalem sustained?

8.  How closely should we try to emulate the community described in these chapters of Acts?

9.  How can we apply 2:42 to our programing and ministries at LBC?