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Questions - Facing The Future
June 28, 2020, 8:00 AM

These comments and questions relate to the sermon on 28 June 2020, Facing The Future.  The primary passage is Acts 4:23-37.  We honor our graduates, and this lesson applies to all of us as we face new situations and stages of life.  Lessons from the early church are applicable to today's environment.

1.  Remind yourself of the context of the healing, which led to Peter's sermon, which led to the arrest of Peter and John, which led to the prayer meeting in our primary passage.  If you haven't, read Acts 4.

2.  What is the main point of Peter's sermon to the Sanhedrin in Acts 4?

3.  What was the first action of the group of believers upon Peter and John's report? (v. 24)

4.  Compare the prayer in this passage to the model prayer in Matthew 6:9-13.  What are the similarities?

5.  Why should we include praise for God's attributes and work in our prayer?  Doesn't he know who he is?

6.  If God knows the number of hairs on our head, why do we need to ask for what we need?

7.  Read verse 30.  How should we pray for God to go before us?

8.  Notice how committed the community of believers was to each other.  How should we apply this principle today?  

9.  What are we willing to sacrifice for the kingdom of God now?

10.  Who is introduced in verses 36-37, and why is it important?