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Questions - Devotion and Practice
June 7, 2020, 2:10 PM

The following questions relate to the sermon on 7 June 2020, Devotion and Practice.  The primary scripture is Acts 2:42-47.

1.  This is one of the earliest views of the practice of the new church movement after Christ's ascension.  Review Acts 2.

2.  From verse 42, what is the one attitude and four practices described by Luke?

3.  How can we be devoted to the teaching of the Apostles?  In other words, how do we apply that practice today?

4.  How can we be devoted to the fellowship of believers?  Is there any part of this we are missing?

5.  What does "the breaking of bread" mean?

6.  How can we practice devotion to sacred remembrances (sacraments) of the Lord?

7.  How are we devoted to prayer?

8.  As you study this word, what is the Holy Spirit bringing to your mind for you to change or do?

9.  Read the whole passage, 42-47, to see the level of devotion described.