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Questions - Authority and Spirit
May 16, 2020, 8:00 AM

These questions and suggestions relate to the sermon on 17 May 2020, Authority and Spirit, from Matthew 28:16-20.  It is very familiar scripture for the church.  Please read and meditate on it again.

1.  As you re-read the scripture and meditate, how is the Spirit of God prompting you?  Are any particular people or groups coming to mind?

2.  How does it affect daily living to know we are under the authority of Jesus?

3.  How do we learn to hear the Spirit's voice?

  • Receive the Holy Spirit in salvation.
  • Admit you need to be controlled by the Spirit.
  • Confess you sins to God, and repent.
  • Ask the Spirit to control your life.
  • Practice the presence of Jesus.  Pray continually.**

4. You can discuss the technicalities if you want, but spend some time praying and sharing ideas as the Spirit prompts you.

5.  Some missionary stories might be in order.

** This list borrowed from Dr. Jim Denison, in Empowered: A Guide To Experiencing The Power Of The Holy Spirit, pp. 37-39.