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Questions - A Sovereign God Involved
June 23, 2019, 11:00 AM

The following questions relate to the message on 23 June 2019, A Sovereign God Involved.  The primary passage is Daniel 1:8-21.

1.  Have you ever protested cafeteria food in school, college, or elsewhere?

2.  Why did Daniel and his friends not want to eat from the king's table?

3.  What caused Daniel to know that eating the king's food was wrong?

4.  Describe the character or style of Daniel's protest?

5.  Who was responsible for the favor shown to these young men?

6.  What was the result of their faithfulness?

7.  Who was affected by their decision and action?

8.  What would have changed if they had eaten the king's food along with all of the other captives?

9.  How is God involved in our circumstances and situations today?

10.  What have you learned from Daniel 1 that you can apply to your life today?  Eat your vegetables?