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Questions - A Dream Revealed
July 8, 2019, 12:29 PM

The following questions relate to the sermon on 7 July 2019, A Dream Revealed.  The primary passage is Daniel 2.

1.  Nebuchadnezzar was troubled by a dream but would not tell his magicians, enchanters, or astrologers the content of the dream.  What was their response?

2.  If he had told them the dream, how would they have been able to interpret it?

3.  Read verses 10-11 and 26-28.  Compare the Chaldeans' confession regarding "the gods" to what Daniel says about the "God of heaven."

4.  How did Daniel become involved in the king's dilemma?

5.  What was Daniel's response and plan of action?  

6.  What can we learn from Daniel's plan of action to help us in a time of crisis?

7.  Read the description of the statue in the dream, vv. 31-38.  Discuss the identity of each kingdom represented in the statue.

8.  Who or what does the "stone uncut by human hands' represent?  What New Testament references help with this identification?

9.  When will the prophecy revealed to Nebuchadnezzar be complete?

10.  What would you describe as the theme of the chapter?