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Preaching To Pagans
November 1, 2020, 10:00 AM

These questions relate to the sermon on 1 November 2020, Preaching To Pagans.  The primary text is Acts 17:16-34, which is the story of Paul speaking at the Areopagus in Athens.

1.  How did Paul get to Athens and from where?  You may want to refer to a map.

2.  What did Paul do when he arrived in Athens?

3.  Who were the groups of Philosophers he engaged in the marketplace?

4.  What does Luke report that Paul was speaking about in the marketplace? (v. 18)

5.  If you have not, read his address to the Areopagus (vv. 22-31).  How would you describe Paul's tone or apparent attitude?

6.  How many times, according to the report we have, did Paul use Jesus' name in his speech?

7.  What was Paul's main point in the speech?

8.  What were the results of his speech?

9.  What can we learn from this speech about how to engage people with the gospel story?

10.  For whom have you been praying for God to make receptive to the message?