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Power of the Commission
May 23, 2020, 8:00 AM

This week's message is from Acts 1:1-11.  It is a tremendous portion and contains heaps of information and motivation.  The recorded message (see sermons on this website) focuses on the commission to go to our neighborhoods and nations.  I also want to stress how critical it is that we go with the power of the Holy Spirit.  There are many aspects to study here.  The following questions and statements are meant as a guide or offering but is not exhaustive.  Enjoy getting into the Word!

1.  Note the context of Acts 1; connection to the Gospel of Luke; the anticipation of new and powerful events.

2.  Why did Luke go to the trouble to write the two volumes we have in the New Testament?  In other words, what is his purpose?

3.  Why did Jesus tell the disciples to wait in Jerusalem?

4.  What does the word baptize mean, and how does it relate to verse 5 and chapter two of Acts?

5.  What were the disciples expecting in regard to their nation as they asked about the future? (verse 6)

6.  Discuss the question presented in the sermon on verse 6.  Are we asking the right questions?

7.  What does verse 7 tell us about predicting dates and times for the Lord's return?

8.  We have taken verse 8 to explain a missions model.  I will not lay out the whole model in this blog or message, but if you desire talk about how verse 8 applies to the church today.

9.  Maybe have some folks act out the ascession as described in Luke 24 and Acts 1 and have some fun thinking about standing there watching Jesus ascend and angels appear.  "Why are you standing here looking into the sky?"