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On The Road Again
October 25, 2020, 10:00 AM

These questions relate to the sermon on 25 October 2020, On The Road Again.  It comes from Acts 16 and the story of Paul's second mission journey.

1.  Who was Paul's partner(s) on this trip?

2.  Why was Timothy circumcised, especially considering the meeting and letter from chapter 15?

3.  Where did Luke join the mission team?

4.  What happened to lead the team to Macedonia?

5.  At Philippi, where did the team first preach?  Why did they go there?

6.  Who was the first believer at Philippi?  What fruit of that person's faith was immediately evident?

7.  What happened with the slave girl at Philippi?

8.  Why were Paul and Silas beaten and jailed?

9.  What happened in jail?

10.  How can we seek to meet God's initiative with our faithfulness?  The results of such confluence are evident in each story of this chapter.