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No Other Name
June 21, 2020, 8:00 AM

These questions and comments relate to the sermon on 21 June 2020, No Other Name.  The primary scripture is Acts 4:1-22.

1.  Review the story of chapter 3, the healing and subsequent sermon.  Chapter 4 is a continuation of the story.

2.  Who confronted Peter and John about their teaching?

3.  What was their first point of opposition?

4.  How was God's work affected by the opposition? (see v. 4)

5.  From what sources do we encounter opposition today, and how should we deal with it?

6.  Who or what enabled Peter to address the accusations against he and John?

7.  Summarize or restate Peter's answer to the question, "By what power or what name did you do this?"

8.  How does Peter's answer affect your beliefs concerning salvation?

9.  As the Sanhedrin struggled with what to do with these men, what did they notice about Peter and John?

10.  When Peter and John were given a command from the Sanhedrin, how did they respond?

11.  What do people notice about us during conflict?

12. How do we respond to challenges of faith?