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Jerusalem Council
October 21, 2020, 4:00 PM

These questions relate to the sermon on 18 October 2020, Jerusalem Council.  This now famous meeting of elders and apostles in Jerusalem around 49 A.D. helped explain Christian understanding of salvation and set a tone for faith and practice throughout the remainder of New Testament writing.  The meeting is described in Acts 15.

1.  According to Luke's record in Acts 15, what caused this meeting?

2.  Who was appointed to go from Antioch to Jerusalem for the meeting, and how were they received in Jerusalem?

3.  Who gave testimony in the meeting, and why was their experience important?

4.  Who was the leader of the meeting and why?

5.  What was the outcome of the meeting?

6.  Why is their decision so important to the development of New Testament theology and to us today?

7.  Other than the primary lesson regarding the doctrine of salvation, what other lessons can we learn from this event/chapter?