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In Jesus' Name
June 14, 2020, 2:30 PM

These questions reltate to the sermon on 14 June 2020, In Jesus' Name, from Acts 3.

1.  Find and listen to the children's song on YouTube or elsewhere, Walking and Leaping.

2.  What elements of the story in the first part of Acts 3 stand out to you?

3.  Hold old was the man who was healed?  How long had he been lame? (There is a clue in chapter 4.)

4.  If this man was at the temple gate every day, why did Peter engage him on this day?

5.  What were the four points of Peter's sermon?  (according to Mark's sermon on 14 June)

6.  How did Peter describe who Jesus is?

7.  Why did Peter say the people needed to repent? What does 'repent' mean?

8.  For whom did Jesus come?

9.  What happens if a person rejects Christ all their life?

10.  How does Peter's sermon help us relate the gosple message to people today?