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In All Things
August 2, 2020, 3:36 PM

These questions are meant to relate to the sermon 2 August 2020, In All Things.  There are two critical parts of scripture for this lesson.  Acts 8 is the story of Philip, deacon and evangelist, who fled Jerusalem in the dispersion of Christians by threat.  We want to see how he responded to trouble.  Prior to reading his story, we read Romans 8:18-28 for a truth which is foundational to responding to trouble.

1.  Have you ever felt overwhelmed or devastated by events in your life, such as illness, or tragedy, or sudden change?  If not, you know someone who has.

2.  If you have not read Romans 8:18-28, please do.  What is the foundational truth in verse 28 that helps form our perspective toward circumstances?

3.  Does this verse mean that everything that happens is God's will?

4.  According to Acts 8, Philip left Jerusalem to avoid arrest or other forms of persecution for preaching the good news of Jesus.  What did he do after the left Jerusalem?

5.  What happened to arrange a conversation between the Ethiopian eunuch and Philip?

6.  How did Philip leave that conversation?

7.  What was Philip doing at the end of Acts 8?

8.  What do we do when trouble comes?

Bonus:  How does this lesson connect to the previous one about Stephen?