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February 11, 2018, 10:00 AM

Great Commission Teaching - questions

The following questions are designed to help facilitate group discussion, but they may also be useful for personal reflection.  If used in a group setting, the facilitator may pick and choose which are best for the group time.  These are meant to relate to the sermon on February 11, "Great Commission Teaching."

1.  What is your favorite method of studying scripture?  Ask the group and notice the variety of favorite methods.  What kind of methods do we use most often at church?  Are we leaving people out?

2.  Consider what we have been studying, Matthew 28:18-20.  What is the goal of the first half of verse 20?

3.  What are the "commands of Jesus?"

4.  Where do we find the commands of Jesus?  Ok, where in the Bible?

5.  How does the doctrine of the Trinity affect our answer to questions 3 and 4?

6.  What is the relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament teachings of Jesus?  Consider the following three possibilities and examples:

  • New Testament assumes the authority of the Old Testament.  Deut 6:4-9
  • NT cancels the authority of the OT.  Levitical law / Romans 7
  • NT "fills full" (expands or amplifies) the authority of the OT.  Matt 5:17ff; Hebrews 11

7.  Read Acts 2:42.  Consider this verse as a template for a discipleship curriculum.  What major points would your curriculum include?

8.  Read 2 Timothy 2:2.  How does this instruct our long-term view of making disciples?

9.  Discuss the philosophy of ministry document that was distributed on Sunday.  Was the presentation clear enough?  How can we communicate these principles effectively and organize ourselves around this model?

If we become and make true disciples, church will happen, and church growth will happen.


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