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January 12, 2018, 12:00 AM

Great Commission Authority - questions

The following questions and suggestions are designed to help facilitate group discussion, but they may also be useful for personal reflection.   If used in a group setting the facilitator may pick and choose which are best for the group time.  These are meant to relate to the sermon on January 14, 2018, "Great Commission Authority."  You are welcome to let me know if this is helpful and communicate your suggestions:

1.  Before discussing the topic, were there any God inspired moments, events, or conversations in the past week that you want to mention?

2.  Prayer requests - spend some time praying and not just for sick people.

3.  Consider the Great Commission as a covenant:

      a.  the king identifies himself

      b.  specific tasks are given to the subjects of the covenant

      c.  the king makes promises of provision and protection if the covenant is kept

4.  Identify the parts of verses 18-20 that match the elements of a covenant.  Compare to the call of Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3.  See the common thread of God's redemptive mission.  God selects - God blesses - his servants obey - so that the nations are redeemed to God and reflect his glory.

5.  How is Jesus' kingdom present and "with you always?"  See John 14:16-17, 26.

6.  When was/is the end of the age?  See Matthew 24, more specifically verses 9-14 and 30-35.

7.  How is Jesus' work made visible and real in this age?

8.  Is Jesus' authority still real and present?  Are we still subjcets of this covenant and commission?  If so, how are you complying?

9.  Discuss tangible ways our church is or is not demonstrating the authority of Jesus and how we might improve.

10.  Pray for the leadership of the local church to know God's voice in unity and for the congregation to follow in unity.


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