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Good Judgement
October 4, 2020, 10:00 AM

These questions relate to the message presented on 4 October 2020, Good Judgement.  The message begins from Acts 13:4-12, but also relies on Matthew 7:1-6.

1.  Is there a difference between being judgmental and using good judgment?  Please explain.

2.  In what kind of situation have you felt falsely judged?  How much did it hurt?  Were relationships damaged?

3.  In the Acts passage was Paul being judgmental to curse Elymas?  Please explain your answer.

4.  In Matthew 7:1-2, what was Jesus commanding?

5.  How does the plank in the eye metaphor in verses 3-5 address verses 1-2?

6.  How does verse 6 relate to the previous verses?

7.  Now back to Paul and the sorcerer, was Paul judging falsely or hypocritically?  

8.  What are the two elements which validate Paul's judgement?

9.  How do we learn the truth?

10.  How do we learn to hear the Holy Spirit?

11.  How will this lesson affect your life?