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God At Work
August 9, 2020, 9:00 AM

These questions relate to the sermon on 9 August 2020, God At Work.  Following on from previous sermons in Acts, we have a look at the conversion of Saul in the first part of Acts 9.  

1.  Do you know that Saul is the same man who later is called Paul and wrote much of the New Testament?  There is a subtle transition from Saul to Paul in Acts 13.  Can you find it?

2.  What is the verse in Romans (one of Paul's letters) that we used frequently in last week's and this week's messages?

3.  Who did Saul represent as he was arresting followers of Jesus?

4.  What kind of persecution was happening to the followers of Jesus, the Way?

5.  What happened to Saul on the Damascus Road?  Who caused it?

6.  If God caused Saul's blindness, does it mean that he causes our illnesses?

7.  What was God's purpose in causing the blindness?

8.  How do you think Ananias felt when he received the assignment from God?  What was his response?

9.  What physical action did Saul take after he submitted to the Lordship of Jesus?

10.  How did God use Saul in the future?

11.  Is God working in your circumstances?