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Choose Jesus Now
September 27, 2020, 3:44 PM

This Sunday's message (27 Sept 2020) came from Ephesians 1:3-14 primarily.  It was unscripted.  I believe the Holy Spirit led me to change plans and preach from this passage a direct call to salvation in Christ.  Maybe the message was for you.  I have been having trouble loading the audio files for sermons recently, so you may want to listen to the message on YouTube.  Search Lawn Baptist Church and find 27 Sept 2020.  

1.  In this letter from Paul to the Ephesians and others, he describes salvation for about the first half of the letter, and in the second half describes how to live as the result of salvation.  You could say the first half is theology and the second half is ethics, but it is not a clean and tidy division.  This letter was probably meant as a circular letter from Paul while he was in prison in Rome to several of the churches he started.

2.  Verse 4 - Who did the chosing?  Whom did he choose?  When did the choice happen?

3.  Notice all of the phrases in the passage that say "in him" or "in Christ."  Christ has already done the work for our salvation, and there is only one salvation which is in Christ or through Christ.

4.  Verse 13 - What three actions are described and who is doing the action?  It is a very brief outline of receiving salvation and what happens.

5.  Salvation in Christ is because of his grace.  It is a gift.  It cannot be earned.  It can only be received.  How much grace is involved? (verses 7-8)

6.  Verses 8-9 - Until Christ it was a mystery how the nations outside of Israel would be included in God's kingdom.  The prophets spoke of it.  The law points to the Messiah.  The history and writings lead toward the Messiah, but Jesus brought salvation for all nations into flesh.  Look at the end of verse 10.  What is the final result for the creation?

7.  It was God's plan from the beginning for all nations to be included in his kingdom.  (vv. 11-2)

8.  Does this mean that every person is included?

9.  How can one be included in the kingdom of God?  (back to v. 13)

10.  What does it mean to be sealed with the Holy Spirit?  (vv. 13-14)

With whom do you need to share these truths?