Children's Bible Drill
Pat Hart

Bible Drill has concluded for the year-check back in the fall for next year's schedule!!

We have Chldren's Bible Drill on Wednesday's after school along with Kid's Time (3:30-5:30).  We are doing things a little different this year: your child will be given the option to either compete or not compete.  Regardless of their choice, they will be taught how to find books in the Bible, learn key passages, and work on scripture memorization.  This is a great way to bridge the gap between knowing the Bible stories & being able to find them in the Bible. 

Children's Bible Drill is for 4th thru 6th Grades.  You do not have to be a member of LBC to participate-all children are welcome.  If your child is in 6th Grade & wants to attend Bible Drill, please call the church office or Cyndi Moore and let them know.  We have limited space in the van & need to make sure we have room for everyone.  The church office is 583-2349 or you can reach Cyndi at 212-5044.

We have lots of fun learning all the books of the Bible and how to find them in 10 seconds, learning 25 scripture verses, and where 10 Key passages are and how to find them in 10 seconds. 

Youth and High School Bible Drill will be held on Sunday afternoon/evening.    It is for Youth drillers in the 7th - 9th grade and High School drillers in the 10th - 12th grades.  We learn similar things as the children but at a higher level. 

If there are any High Schoolers (10-12) who are interested in Speaker's Tournament, we can arrange that also.

Children's Bible Drill        4th - 6th Grade                         

Youth Bible Drill               7th - 9th Grade

High School Bible Drill   10th - 12th Grade                      

Speaker's Tournament    10th - 12th grade


2018 Church Drill: March 21st @ 6:00 pm (Lawn Baptist Church Sanctuary)

2018 Association Drill: March 25th @ 2:00 pm (Pioneer Drive Baptist Church-Abilene)

2018 State Drill: April 21st 10:00 AM (Midland, TX)


To get all the latest updates on what is happening with Bible Drill, subscribe to our remind thread by texting @lbcbd to 81010 :)


Interested in Volunteering?!?!

Training will be required for anyone wanting to help with Children/Youth.  If you have any questions, contact Clint or Cyndi. ***Please note, anyone wishing to volunteer will be required to fill out a Volunteer Application Form & agree to a background check.  The application can be printed by clicking on Volunteer Application Form or you can get one from Cyndi.***

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