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July 22, 2018, 5:16 PM

Questions - Discipline of Learning Scripture

These questions relate to the sermon on 22 July 2018, Discipline of Learning Scripture.  

1.  Just for discussion - What have been the most significant experiences of this summer so far and why?

2.  What are your early recollections of learning to learn scripture?  Describe the context and how it affected you.

3.  Have you had to unlearn bad interpretations or bad habits in regard to learning scripture?

4.  Discuss methods and tools that are helpful to your Bible learning in the following categories:

  • reading
  • meditating
  • memorizing
  • learning about the Bible (education)

5.  If you have experience with scripture memory, how does the Word surface at useful times?

6.  The sermon was based from Psalm 119:9-16.  Also read Psalm 1:1-3; Joshua 1:8; and 2 Timothy 3:16.  What other scriptures about learning scripture are helpful to you?

7.  How would you help your children or a new believer develop a discipline of learning scripture?

8.  Keep in mind that we are presenting spiritual disciplines, the practices and habits that help us form disciple character: walking in faith, abiding in Christ, loving one another, and bearing much fruit.


July 8, 2018, 11:00 AM

Questions - Asking

These questions relate to the sermon on 8 July 2018, Asking.  The primary scripture is Matthew 6:11-13.  This is the final in a series of sermons on prayer discipline based on the model prayer.  After praising and seeking God we are prepared to ask in his name.

1.  In the asking part of the model prayer what kinds of requests are made?

2.  How do these requests relate to contemporary needs?

3.  Which request has a condition?  Is this condition still valid?

4.  Should we always pray in the same order as the model prayer?

5.  Why is the asking part of the prayer the final part?

6.  What should we do if we pray out of order?  (It is a trick question....keep on praying.)

7.  Read Nehemiah's prayer in Nehemiah 1.  What components are similar to the model prayer?

8.  Read James 5:13-18.  Does our praying resemble James' instruction?


July 1, 2018, 4:34 PM

Questions - Seeking Prayer

These questions are meant to relate to the sermon from 1 July 2018, Seeking Prayer.  The primary scripture is Matthew 6:10.  The questions are designed for group discussion but may be helpful for personal reflection as well.  Those who are using these questions in a group are encouraged to review the questions prior to meeting.

1.  Review the setting of the model prayer; namely the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7.  What was Jesus teaching his early followers?

2.  What is the three-point outline presented in the sermons for the model prayer?

3.  What do these phrases mean, "your kingdom come, your will be done?"  Is this a proleptic prayer (anticipation of the future) or about today?  Both?

4.  Where is God's kingdom?

5.  How much of God's kingdom and do we want if we prayer this prayer?

6.  To seek God sincerely we have to get beyond our own will and desires and listen to him.  How do you do this?  Practically, what steps do you take?  There were four steps suggested in the sermon.  Be...

7.  Share scriptures with each other that help you get into the space where you are listening to God.

8.  What is meditating on God's word or character, and how do you do it?

9.  Have you had experience with the Holy Spirit guiding you how to pray?  Can you describe it?

10.  How might God shape us through seeking prayer?

June 24, 2018, 11:00 PM

Questions - Hallowed Praying

These questions relate to the sermon from 24 June 2018,  Hallowed Praying.  The primary text was two phrases from the model prayer, Matthew 6:9.

1.  How do you feel about your praying recently?

2.  What are the three points of the model prayer as presented in the last two sermons?

3.  What other tools or acronyms do you use to explain prayer?

4.  Do you read scripture to help you praise God?  If so, what parts do you like to read?

5.  How does scripture memorization help you speak God's praises in prayer?

6.  What does this phrase mean in Matthew 6:9, "...hallowed be your name..."?

7.  What in all this teaching about prayer will help you develop your prayer discipline?

8.  Practice praising God together.

June 17, 2018, 4:22 PM

Questions - Prayer Discipline

These questions are meant to relate to the sermon on 17 June 2018, Prayer Discipline.  The primary scripture is Matthew 6:5-15.  This is the beginning of a series of messages on spiritual disciplines, the disciplines that help us build the right kind of disciple character.

1.  Have you noticed the etymological connection between discipline and disciple?  Is a disciple one who is learning disciplines?

2.  Describe people, events, or tools that have helped you learn to pray.

3.  Do not pray like hypocrites or noisy pagans.  How do these instructions relate to contemporary life?

4.  If Jesus said "go to your closet to pray," is it good for us to pray in meetings?  Why or why not?  Can you think of any scripture to help with this question?

5.  If you were helping a new believer, how would you teach them to pray?

6.  How do you keep your prayer time fresh?

7.  How do you use scripture in your praying?

8.  Compare Matthew's version of the model prayer to Luke 11:1-4.

9.  Also read Luke 11:5-13.   According to this passage how would you describe God's attitude toward our prayer.

10.  What do we at LBC need to do in regard to praying, and how will we accomplish it?  (You are welcome to communicate ideas to the pastor.) 

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